Soothing Forms, is a series of monoprints on silks exploring how a heightened awareness of nature’s nurturing abilities impacts body and mind. The work is influenced by the collective experience of lockdown and a personal experience of chronic pain. The journey of healing for people with physical and mental pain has been challenged by the pandemic and as such and I, as many others, have turned towards nature for its intricate healing abilities.

I attempt to convey a sense of rest and wellbeing by bringing together soft natural silks and monoprinted shadows from plants on skin. Each piece focuses on a particular body part that has been magnified and becomes almost abstracted as the mark makings from rollers and rags are highly visible. These works are an invitation to the viewer to meditate on the marks and imagine how this area of their own body can feel good with the sensations of a warm sun through dancing leaves and soft fabric caressing the skin. Even simply imagining nature can help rest the nerve system in challenging times. 
Monoprint on silk, approx. 115 x 85 cm
Monoprint on silk, approx. 109 x 87 cm.
Photo lithography on silk, 50 x 80 cm
Monoprint on silk, approx. 125 x 95 cm.
Monoprint on silk, approx. 114 x 87 cm.
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