Born in Silkeborg in Denmark and now studying at Edinburgh College of Art.
My portfolio includes commissions in murals, portraits, album covers, and posters.
Always happy to discuss commissions!
My current practice is concerned with portraying people, listening to their stories and trying to translate those material and immaterial qualities into the printmaking process. I have done life-painting portraits from Tinder-dates and translated these into multiple plate, photo-polymer intaglio prints. This Tinder project addresses the similarities and differences between slow, old mediums and the new digital opportunities both in concept and in technique. I find concept and technique to be very strongly intertwined, with neither preceding the other but bound to progress in parallel, continuously interacting, transforming, and developing each other. Portrait art and printmaking could both be considered outdated traditions, but I firmly believe that they can still be relevant in today’s society. As the digital world displays visuals in a cheap and effective way, the quality of physical handcraftsmanship becomes unique and worthier. The portrait is still relevant in this context as the portrait have obviously also changed platforms transforming the way we portray ourselves. 

Currently, I am working on a series of portraits from life-paintings I created at a long stay in a village in Lapland. I am looking for ways to convey the local people’s stories poetically but truthfully to printmaking. I want to give a voice to people who are normally not heard in society and inspire the listener or viewer to be attentive to what might come out of this meeting.often travel to communities on the edge of society to experience alternative lifestyles. Doing so, I have encountered other possibilities and structures of collective living, and often lived the rewarding experience of working in teams in environments where collaboration is not simply a tool but one of the pillars holding the social fabric together. These are things I try to bring into my artworks, telling stories about alternative ways of living and reflecting upon the possibilities. 

2016-19  .  BA (hons) Illustration, The University of Edinburgh
2015 -16  .  BA Communication Design, Designskolen Kolding
2015 . Skolen for Kunst og Design, Aarhus
2013 . Estudio Nómada, Barcelona

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